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Price List

Inspection charge 

This is to ascertain the cost of any repairs or replacement parts. 

No one wants to have their watch serviced, only to find halfway through that expensive parts are damaged and need replacing or a part needs completely fabricating from scratch, which could be quite costly!

That's why at Jon the Watch the watch movement is completely disassembled and any faults or replacement parts that are needed are identified early on.

Once the client is furnished with the cost of any extra repairs and/or replacement parts, then a decision can be made to go ahead with the service and/or any extra work.

If the client for whatever reason doesn't want to go ahead with the repair and servicing of the watch, the 'non-working' watch movement is put back together, then returned to the customer in the state it arrived, charging just the inspection and diagnosis cost.

A lot of the time a visual inspection is not sufficient to find all the faults in a watch movement and to give a full picture of any extra costs.

The cost of the inspection and diagnosis is not charged if the watch is fully serviced.

The cost of the inspection and diagnosis is dependent on the type of watch/movement being analysed.

Case and bracelet ultrasonic cleaning is included in the price of each service.

Mechanical hand-wound watches

Service prices start from £150

Automatic watches

Service prices start from £190

Mechanical hand-wound chronograph watches

Service prices start from £250

Automatic chronograph watches

Service prices start from £300

Quartz watches

Service prices start from £100

These prices are an estimate of the cost to service your watch.

Please contact me for a precise estimate dependent on the make and model of your watch.

All work has a 12-month guarantee of any replacement parts and service.

Ask for prices for any extra work, such as balance staff replacement, resetting chronograph hands, replacing/re-luming hands, replacement crystal, dial reprinting, etc.

   0747 691 3284

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